Call for Application




A - semester/partial studies
Duration: (3-10 months)
Available for: undergraduate (BA/BSc) and graduate (MA/MSc) students (enrolled at foreign higher education institutions), especially those majoring in Hungarian Language and Literature and students participating in a single degree track university programme (such as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutical Studies, Veterinary Studies, Architecture, Studies in Law, etc.). Before application, students are required to have completed minimum two semesters at their home institutions. For ‘Type A’ scholarship students may apply only on one occasion during their Bachelor’s studies, and once during their Master’s studies.
Age limit: 30 years
Paper-based applications – from any country and for all scholarship types - must contain two (2) printed copies of the documents listed below in one of the following languages: Hungarian, English, French or German- in the order indicated below. Certificates (diploma, awarding of a title, proof of student status, language certificate, certificate of education, transcript of records etc.) and other documents must be translated to any of these languages if the language of issuance is different. All conditions apply to online and paper-based applications alike.
1.    Application form of the Hungarian Scholarship Board (to be edited in the online application system)
2.    Curriculum Vitae (there are no criteria for the printed version; in the online system you have to fill in the form under the menu point ‘Edit your CV’)
3.    Letter of interest
4.    Transcript of the last two completed semesters at the home institution (for those who have already completed an undergraduate programme: copy of the certificate)
5.    Certificate of the applicant’s level of Hungarian necessary for the selected course – unless there is another working language for the proposed course/programme (in this case the host institution is to declare this fact in the letter of invitation)
6.    Copy of the certificate of enrolment issued by the applicant’s home institution
7.    Invitation letter issued by a higher education institution in Hungary (only for ministerial scholarship studies in Hungarian)
8.    Medical certificate of satisfactory health condition (issued by the family doctor).
Applicants for music/arts scholarships must attach the following documents in addition to the above:
î   For painters, graphic artists and sculptors: photographs of three (3) works of art / sketches (indicating the date of the creation)
î   For musicians (conductors, composers): high quality recordings of three (3) different styles of music, (conductors may submit a DVD), composers must submit three (3) original scores as well.
Applicants for graphic and fine arts as well as music may be required to take additional exams in the relevant Hungarian host institution before being granted a scholarship.
Applicants who wish to study at the Liszt Academy of Music should contact the International Department of the Academy (e-mail: Csallo.Edina[at], phone: +36 1 462 4616) for detailed information concerning the application process and they should ask for a letter of acceptance from the International Department of the Academy before preparing their applications for an HSB scholarship.
The HSB Office cannot accept letters of acceptance issued by a professor of the Academy. Applicants should send their applications to the Liszt Academy of Music before 15 February as they – except for certain researchers - will have to take an entrance examination. In the application form to be sent to the Academy applicants should indicate that they are simultaneously applying for an HSB scholarship. Since the entrance examinations at the Liszt Academy of Music are usually organised at the end of June or beginning of July, the positive decision of the Hungarian Scholarship Board should be considered conditional.
Financial provisions
HUF 40 460 stipend per month, paid by the host institution*; student hostel accommodation in a university residence hall paid by the scholarship-holder**
*Scholarship-holders from Russia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia who were granted a scholarship based on a bilateral agreement receive their stipend from the sending Party, the amount thereof is set by the respective scholarship offices of those countries. The host institution provides them with accommodation in a university residence hall.
**Vacancy at university residence halls is limited, hence applicants are well-advised to inquire about the accommodation possibilities in advance.