Call for Application



E - research stay for high-ranking academics

Duration: 3-21 days or 1-10 months

Available for associate professors or high-ranking academics as well as researchers holding minimum a PhD or an equivalent degree. 

There is no age limit

Paper-based applications – from any country and for all scholarship types - must contain two (2) printed copies of the documents listed below in one of the following languages: Hungarian, English, French or German- in the order indicated below. Certificates (diploma, awarding of a title, proof of student status, language certificate, certificate of education, transcript of records etc.) and other documents must be translated to any of these languages if the language of issuance is different. All conditions apply to online and paper-based applications alike.

  1. Application form of the Hungarian Scholarship Board (to be edited in the online application system)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (there are no criteria for the printed version; in the online system you have to fill in the form under the menu point ‘Edit your CV’)
  3. Precise and detailed work plan – maximum two pages
  4. Copy of highest degree/diploma (PhD degree) and document certifying the high–ranking position (at least associate professor)
  5. Certificate of proficiency in the language required for conducting the research
  6. List of publications
  7. Letter of invitation by a state-financed host institution in Hungary (higher education institution, research institute or art institution)
  8. Two letters of recommendation written by two recognized experts in the relevant discipline. They must be signed and stamped and/or written on letterhead paper. The letters of recommendation and the letter of invitation cannot be issued by the same person.
  9. Medical certificate of satisfactory health condition (issued by the family doctor)

Applicants for music/arts scholarships must attach the following documents in addition to the above:

  • For painters, graphic artists and sculptors: photographs of three (3) works of art / sketches (indicating the date of the creation)
  • For musicians (conductors, composers): high quality recordings of three (3) different styles of music, (conductors may submit a DVD), composers must submit three (3) original scores as well.

Applicants for graphic and fine arts as well as music may be required to take additional exams in the relevant Hungarian host institution before being granted a scholarship.

Applicants who wish to study at the Liszt Academy of Music should contact the International Department of the Academy (e-mail:[at], phone: +36 1 462 4616) for detailed information concerning the application process and the evaluation of applicants, and they should ask for a letter of confirmation from the Academy before preparing their applications for an HSB scholarship.

The HSB Office cannot accept letters of acceptance issued by a professor of the Academy. Applicants should send their requests for a letter of confirmation before 31 March 2014 to the International Study Department of the Liszt Academy of Music. In the application form to be sent to the Academy applicants should indicate that they are simultaneously applying for an HSB scholarship. Since the evaluation of the applicants at the Liszt Academy of Music takes place at the beginning of July, the positive decision of the Hungarian Scholarship Board should be considered conditional.

Financial provisions

HUF 118 800 stipend and HUF 80 000 accommodation allowance per month. These amounts are paid by the Balassi Institute HSB Office.


Online Application Guidelines